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How To Be Ready For Work After COVID-19

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More Americans than ever are filing for unemployment. Some of you might be working from home, working part time, or being paid but not working at all right now. Some of you have jobs to return to when things open up. Some of you aren’t quite sure. Here are a few things you can do now to help you prepare for returning to work after COVID19:

  1. Get your high school equivalency. If you don’t have this yet- now is the time to get ready to get it done. You can work with a teacher directly, from home, to prepare to be ready to pass your high school equivalency exam. Anyone over the age of 16 who is not in school can apply.
  2. Increase your skills. Everyone can always find a way to be better at their jobs, or prepare for a new job. There are several ways available to work on your skills right now. If you are waiting for schools to reopen to return to a job, or hope for a job if one opens up- take some courses to help you prepare for the position you want. There are classes available in working with children, brushing up on your math or science skills, or communicating with others. If you are working in the service industry (restaurants and hotels, tourism) there are classes you can take in those areas. We can help you develop a plan of study so when you return to work you’ll have something to show employers.
  3. Become computer savvy. Moving forward everyone needs to have good computer skills. If you feel a little lacking in using Microsoft Word, google documents, or spreadsheets we have programs you can work on from home to improve your skills. All of these programs provide you with a certificate when you complete training and are available at no cost.

We also has some job preparation programs we can help you get ready for if you are interested in working in the educational, health or industrial fields. Increasing your skill level in any of these areas will benefit you in the long run, and might help you get the job you really want. You can contact us at or