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Current CoVID-19 Guidelines

Woman putting on a disposable face mask

As of June 2021:

We ask all patrons, students, and visitors to adhere to the following CoVID-19 guidelines & social distancing policies. These policies are for everyone’s safety. Those who do not follow these policies will be required to vacate the premises.

Any guidelines specific to a particular program or service will be included on that specific program or service page.

Many thanks in advance for your willingness to follow these policies. We continue to look forward to serving you!

General Guidelines

  • Social distancing measures of at least 6 feet will be maintained when at all possible.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available for use in several public areas including the elevator
  • All staff and patrons will wear face-coverings when in public areas – lobby/hallways/classrooms, et. (cloth or disposable)
  • Any food provided to participants of programs and facility use must be of the “grab & go” variety. No cooking or preparing of food will be allowed.
  • Anyone who is sick will be asked to leave immediately and anyone who had contact with the person will be notified and watched for symptoms.