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WWCC Evanston Campus

WWCC Evanston Campus

Providing Quality Education Opportunities in Evanston & Uinta County

Evanston Campus Staff

Heidi Currutt: Evanston Outreach Coordinator
Heidi Currutt
Traci Dodsworth
Traci Dodsworth
Program Assistant
Maria Cazarez
Maria Cazarez
Office Assistant

Welcome to the Western Wyoming Community College Evanston Campus.  Whether you are taking classes toward a degree or for personal enrichment, we are confident that you will find subjects of interest to you. We have courses that

  • will help you learn about the computer,
  • to speak a foreign language,
  • to upgrade your math and writing skills
  • and much more.
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Students Enrolled Spring 2019

If you are a degree-seeking student, we offer complete programs that lead to associate degrees in several disciplines.  We are also offering a variety of flexible schedule online degree programs that are designed for those who cannot attend regularly scheduled classes.

Western Wyoming Community College is committed to providing quality instruction in Evanston.  Last semester, over 350 students enrolled in WWCC Evanston Outreach classes.  We believe our enrollment reflects our commitment to the citizens of Evanston.  Evanston is the largest of the 18 Southwest Wyoming communities served by Western and our relatively large student population makes it possible to offer a wide variety of classes and degree programs to our students.  Western has articulation agreements with many 4 year colleges that make transfer of credits relatively easy.

For those who choose to attend classes at the Western Wyoming Community College Evanston Campus, we hope that you will find your educational experiences here both challenging and rewarding.  Whether you are a new or returning student, we encourage you to take advantage of

  • The Academic Advising,
  • Career Counseling and
  • Financial Aid Services

offered through Western Wyoming Community College.

Feel free to stop by and discuss how we can help you achieve your educational goals.

For More Information Contact

Heidi Currutt
Evanston Outreach Coordinator

(307) 789-3988
Email Heidi

Fall & Spring Semester Hours
Monday – Thursday
8:00 – 8:00
8:00 – 5:00

Spring Semester Hours
Monday – Friday
8:00 – 5:00